Monday, July 14, 2008

i was a little upset

this hand does not taste like the hand i usually chew on. one of my human's went away for two whole days. i was kept busy playing with Ched, but i missed biting the hand which normally feeds me.

another very lovable human took care of us, but i missed my human because i like sleeping on her at night and biting her and poking her eyes to wake her up. i looked all over the house for her, because i thought she might be hiding from me. 


mouse (aka kimy) said...

eddy are you going to be a traveling kitten???? sometimes when one is a small cat it is good to get trained to go on car rides - my cat bubba loved to ride in the car and he would go lots of places with me. I loved that! he even visited my nana when she was alive and living in a nursing home. all the old people loved him coming to visit.

edward said...

i guess i could travel...if Ched could come too.

LKD said...

Dude, you should never never NEVER bite the hand that feeds you (and pets you and plays with you and loves you).


It ain't kosher, dude.

It ain't acceptable cat behavior. Puppies bite. You're a cat, dude. You're above that kind of doggish bad behavior.

You should get leash-trained too. I trained both Bob and Elmo from the time they were very young kittens by first getting them used to the idea of wearing a collar, and then attaching a light, nylon leash that they could drag around, and then eventually, began walking around holding the leash while they were attached.

Yes, I know. The whole leash thing may be considered dog behavior. But it's good dog behavior. Besides, how else is an indoor dude such as yourself ever going to enjoy the big wonderful outside world safely?

Seriously, dude, that biting thing just ain't cool.

LKD said...

Oh, and to appease you or assuage you or whatever you since my last comment may have sounded slightly like a smack on the nose (not that I'd ever smack a cat or kitten on the nose), may I say, Edward, that you're one seriously handsome kitten. That second photograph of you in which your larger than life ears look big enough to pick up radio signals from outer space is a heck of a nice portrait. You're easily as handsome as your uncles, Chedwick and Dennis.

Daisy said...

Poor Edward! I do not know what I would do without my usual hand to bite.

tut-tut said...

My mother had a cat who was leash-trained. She enjoyed taking him for walks around New Haven when she was a little girl.

Eddy, you need to sleep through the night!

Aoise said...

I nefer bytes my miewmie. I sumtimes put my teefs around her fingers but I dont bite. Miewmie says I am a furry gentle girl.

Noose said...

Eddy looks so sad and quiet.

Does biting hurt the human hand? or is it just play acting?

LKD said...

Dude, I just sent you an email. I meant no disrespect and I certainly didn't mean to step outta line or seem bossy or whatever.

If that whole biting thing is working for you and your humans, by all means, bite.

It's been my experience that kittens that bite become cats that bite--and that ain't so cute.

(it's kinda like that cute little puppy that is so excited to see you when you get home that it jumps all over you--which is cute as heck when it's a puppy, but once we're talking about a 60-80 pound dog jumping all over you, hey, that ain't so cute, now is it?)

Seriously, dude, if I offended you or your humans, I'm deeply sorry.

Mickey said...

Don't ya just hate when your Mom goes away!! Mom was away this weekend too!!!!!!!!! :sigh:

Purrs Mickey

dennis said...

Dennis says it's more teething than biting.