Sunday, July 6, 2008

do the eddy

take one step backwards

then jump and turn to face the opposite direction at the same time

shimmy, twist and shake as much as you want

then jump back and become a statue

those are all the steps you need to know to do my happy dance.

i'm with my family for 7 days as of this afternoon so i celebrate by dancing.


bitchlet said...

Happy One Week, Edward!

It must be a long time for a tiny kitten growing faster everyday.

LKD said...

What's that beautiful pink flowering plant/tree/bush outside your window, Edward?

(You put your left paw in,
you put your left paw out;
you put your left paw in
and you shake it all about.
You do the Eddy hokey pokey
& you turn yourself around--
that's what it's all about!!)

d. chedwick said...

That's a European Pink Smoke bush --it was not supposed to turn into a tall tree! Grows like a wonderful weed with smoky fuzzy plumes that dry to a lighter color and blow away like dandelion fluff if there's a fierce enough wind.

LKD said...

I've never seen a Pink Smoke bush before.

It's truly beautiful and unusual.

goldenshade said...

What a great stage for your performance and no pesky back screen needed!

Congrats on the first week!

cbb said...

Thanks for that "ed-ification" - now I can do the Eddy in addition to the Twist, the Mashed Potatoes, and the Wah, Watusi!