Saturday, July 12, 2008

the adventures continue

Chedwick and i continue to play our game. here i am in my boat about to sail away. Chedwick wants to come along, but i say, maybe next time.

actually i could have used a first mate after all, since i hit very rough seas and found it hard to steer the boat. good thing it is full of books, or it might have capsized.

here i am putting provisions in the boat for my next voyage. (mostly toy mousies.)


goldenshade said...

Watch out for big sea birds!

Aoise said...

Maybe that boat is a bit too big for you to handle on your own. Why not all go for a nice voyage together ? I'm sure Chadwick and Dennis would let you be Captain.

bitchlet said...

Eddy you could fish. They're yummy!

Daisy said...

Edward, you are a good sailin' cat! Are you going on a three-hour tour? A three-hour tour?

Mickey said...

Eddie,thanks for your birthday wishes!! I made my day more wonderful!!!!!
Have fun sailing!!!!
Purrs Mickey

cbb said...

Wait, Eddy, I thought an OWL and a Pussycat went to sea. Where's the Owl?

(You know, I haven't asked that question in a long time...)