Monday, July 21, 2008

i go where i want!

i've been acting crazy and upsetting the other cats.  the skillet wasn't even warm, so i only napped in it once. 


edward said...

oh! i forgot my joke

meow goo gai pan.

dennis said...

Dennis says Eddy goes where he wants, screams if any door is closed to him, does whatever he wants--how long do kittens stay kittens anyway?

he's more annoying than I am.

Merle Sneed said...

They don't stay kittens long enough.

bitchlet said...


For Dennis to have said "he's more annoying than I am" it must mean something; and indeed the past three posts have illustrated behaviour most unbecoming a young kitten such as yourself, but I am not one to quell creativity and individualism.

I see an explorer in you, Eddy and I think you should take full advantage of your kitten years to become who you really are.

Set forth and explore your horizons!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Dennis, Eddy couldn't possibly be more annoying than you.

Daisy said...

That does not look very comfy, Edward. But Miss Peach sometimes sleeps in a frying pan, too.

LKD said...

Dude, that's one seriously pugnacious look on your face.

Meanwhile, I used to call my best friend's roommate's cat who was a big black cat (seriously big, like bigger that Bob big) named Bat by a name that Bat's owner didn't find particularly amusing:

Moo Goo Gai Cat.

I used to jokingly say he was big enough to feed a family of 6.

I also called Bat Moby Cat because he was a whale of a cat. His owner didn't find this name funny either.

Some people have no sense of humor, I swear.

Bob knows all about acting crazy and upsetting other cats. He used to do it frequently when he was a little dude like you.

You're a kitten, dude. It's what kittens do. Someday, you'll be a big, boring cat that sleeps all day like Elmo and Dennis and Chedwick (Bob's not quite there yet, thank god). I say live it up while you can. Kittenhood is like childhood. It's never long enough.

You're the only cat I know that's spent time in both a bowl of popcorn and a frying pan, Edward. Have you tried out the sink yet?

alicesg said...

Oh you looked cute, Eddy. But be careful not to play with fire...hehehe....:)